Becca Lou inked model

Becca Lou inked model

£ 3.99


Becca Lou inked model

What a lovely person Becca Lou is!

We shot on a cold day, so stayed indoors and we got some lovely shots, if I say so myself!

She’s petite, polite and punctual: All the things a Photographer loves.

Becca lou has a soft Liverpudlian accent and is just so great to shoot.

If you want to see us work together again, send shoot ideas to us by clicking here.

This shoot featuring:

  • Beautiful inked model
  • Black Lingerie set
  • Stockings

This behind the photoset works on all iphones, android, iPad, Windows and Mac laptops, as well as almost any device that can view a PDF file. You can stream it direct from the site, but I recommend downloading it for later viewing.


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