Here’s my list of 6 photographer things that need to die.
We should all be striving to be better, hopefully this fun list will help you take steps towards that.

50mm lens1. Ditch the nifty fifty.

Yeah the 50mm is a great lens. BUT, if you’re using it 24/7 you’re missing out! Go experiment with other focal lengths, throw a zoom in there, expand your horizons, literally.

2. Group shoots.

Group shoots are fun when you’re a beginner and for many “gigging” models, it’s their life blood. But, if you’ve been to more than 5 group shoots, it’s time to move on. Hire a studio yourself. Experiment. What’s the point of going to a group shoot with 12 (or more) photographers, all using the same props, same backdrops, same model, same poses, same lighting.

Forget that! Who needs 100 slightly different photos of the same model from 12 different photographers?

I mean, I get it. I understand. When you’re new to photography, group shoots are a great way to ease yourself in to photography without spending too much, but come on, you’re past that now. If you’re at a group shoot and you look around to see some guy using his iPhone, or struggling to use a point and shoot, it’s time to move on. This isn’t snobbery, it’s about you progressing as a photographer.

Find yourself a cool location, and go shoot there:


3. Shitty backdrops.

Leather. A book case. A Brick wall. They can look cool as backdrops for your photography, but NOT when it’s cheap shit wallpaper, badly slapped on to a temporary wall. Just don’t do it. It never looks good. It always looks fake, the shadows are wrong and more importantly cheapens your final image. Come on, you’re better than that.

While we’re at it, every time I see another photo of a model on a chaise lounge, I think of George.

4. Giving your work away for free.

Your work is good right? So why work for free? Don’t. Ever! No amount of publicity is worth your time for free. Especially for online magazines that are free, but full of adverts. Those advertisers are paying someone, so why aren’t you getting a cut of that dough? Giving your work to online magazines, websites, facebook pages, instagram accounts for free, is madness. You’re allowing someone else to get rich from your time, work and effort. Don’t do that. Concentrate on growing yourself, without giving yourself away for free. As a great man once said “Fuck you, pay me“.

5. Saying you’re “Published”.

This was a thing in the 90’s. Now magazines are dying and any dick with a copy of indesign can create a magazine.

Wow a bizarre fanzine, used your image on page nine! You must instantly update all your profiles to say you’re published! The world must know this important fact! It’s not important. Stop it.

6. Butter skin.

You know what I mean, skin so smoothed it looks like the model has been in an industrial accident, or could body double for Barbie. Yes spots are bad. Bags under eyes sometimes need lightening or removing, but come on. It looks so fake and unreal. I’m not saying you have to use high end, time consuming, frequency separation on all of your images, but surface blur is generally a no no.

Some techniques take seconds:


Have I missed any? Send me a message and let me know.


Who the hell is Markp?

I’m a full time, professional, “published” photographer, based in the UK. I have been shooting for a little over 10 years. I have worked for tiny companies and some quite large ones. I mainly shoot modern glamour, pinup, boudoir and lingerie but occasionally venture in to the realms of fetish work. Rarely, I also write angry blog posts. I love you guys really though 🙂


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