Rubber Alice alternative fetish model magazine

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Check out the serene queen of darkness! The hauntingly beautiful Rubber Alice wearing:

  • Lingerie
  • Stockings
  • German Nazi SS uniform
  • Russian Military uniform
  • Rubber
  • Latex
  • Heels

Shooting to topless and nude levels and channelling The Night Porter for inspiration for this shoot. Enter the bizarre world of Rubber Alice and be delighted like never before!

  • 126 pages
  • 123 HD photos
  • No Adverts
  • No articles, just high quality photos!

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Look inside the magazine

Check out a preview gallery below of a few pages from the actual magazine.

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Check out Alice’s facebook page here.

Uniform Fetish

Nazi chic, particularly the black SS officer’s uniform we shot in above, has been widely adopted and fetishized by underground gay and BDSM lifestyle groups, as well as Japanese cosplay.

Parts (and variations) of the uniform, such as the leather boots and peaked cap, have become standard wear for the female dominatrix and male master or dominant.

In the 1970s the uniform’s association with sadomasochism and forbidden sexuality was embodied in a wave of violent Nazisploitation films such as Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS and the controversial art-house film The Night Porter (1974).

In the latter film, a topless Charlotte Rampling has an iconic scene performing a Marlene Dietrich song for a group of concentration camp guards while wearing parts of an SS uniform. Her ensemble of army boots and pants, suspenders, peaked cap, and black opera gloves has been imitated countless times, most notably in pop singer Madonna’s banned Justify My Love video in 1990.

A slightly less revealing version of this outfit was worn by Lady Gaga in her 2009 music video for the single “LoveGame”.

Elsie Diamond Burlesque and Pinup Performer

Elsie Diamond Burlesque Performer

Check out the beautiful Elsie Diamond in a stunning range of vintage Viviene of Holloway dresses!

Elsie Diamond is a burlesque performer, cabaret singer and compère. Inspired by the music hall tradition of comic song, opera, pop culture, the songs of WW2 and a background in costume design, Miss Diamond has an eclectic repertoire of sultry musical based routines.

Be it war time classics, 18th century satire or classic fan dance, Elsie will add a vintage sparkle to grace any occasion.

Click here to book a vintage retro shoot (no experience necessary)

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Viviene of Holloway

A life-long Fifties lifestyle and fashion enthusiast, Vivien began sewing vintage-style clothes for herself at a mere ten years old. At eighteen, she opened her first shop in the world famous but now sadly gone Kensington Market, selling her hand-made 50s reproductions to fellow followers of 50’s fashions. Many satisfied customers later, we can fast forward… oh, a couple of years to 2000, when the Vivien of Holloway brand was born, and Vivien’s signature Fifties style soon took the world by storm.

Check out more of their vintage dresses online here.

Alexsi DestinyRouge magazine now online

Alexsi DestinyRouge sexy lingerie magazine

Alexsi, or DestinyRouge as she’s known on twitter, is one of the most naturally beautiful models I’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting.

She looks stunning from every angle! With beautiful olive skin and a flash of the most luxurious black hair you’ll ever see, it’s no wonder she was snapped up by PlayboyTV.

Check out her 6 beautiful sets, shot over the course of one afternoon in Newcastle.


  • Black body suite
  • Bright pink lingerie
  • Dark stockings and heels
  • Modern Glamour
  • Double trouble shoot with Anstacia Taline
  • Wrapped up in Furs (faux of course!)

98 Pages

95 HD Images

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Just 100% beautiful photos

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Our magazines contain no adverts, no reviews, just beautiful HD photos for you to enjoy on your iPad, iPhone, Tablet, Android, Windows phone, or computer! Download now

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Look inside the magazine

Check out a preview gallery below of a few pages from the actual magazine.

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Jessika Jinx and Kaitlyn Laken Preview

Download the full shoot with Jessika Jinx click here.

Had such a fun time shooting with two fantastic models, Jessika Jinx and Kaitlyn Laken the other day!

Here’s a couple of previews of what’s coming soon! 🙂

New Kym Hodgson model Magazine online now!

Kym Hodgson model

Check out the beautiful blonde glamour Kym Hodgson model in her first glamour magazine for!

  • 10 different lingerie and underwear sets
  • 200 pages
  • 197 HD zoomable photos
  • Working topless and nude!
  • Works on all laptops, iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, MAC

No adverts
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Just awesome photos of the beautiful Kym Hodgson model!

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Gallery of Kym Hodgson

Here is a preview of the actual images you will get when you download Kym’s photos! See them fully uncensored, in HD quality now!

Check out Kym on purestorm.

Sarah Marie model Magazine preview

sarah marie model

Sarah Marie model first photoshoot with

Sarah Marie model first time magazine shoot with – Checkout my first shoot with Sarah Marie!

Magazine online now! Download it here:

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Geordie Georgia from Take Me Out Magazine

Fresh from her stay at the Isle of Fernando from ITV’s Take Me Out – lovely Geordie Georgia shot a fantastic magazine with me!

Check her out in a cute baggy tshirt alt style with dip-dye hair, knee high socks, then a lady gaga style set with tape in naughty places and finally in the bath!

Also including VIDEO!


Click here to download now!

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Tips for models from a photographer

I’ve been considering writing something like this for a little while. A nice concise blog post for mainly new models on what to do before your shoot. There are a few common problems or niggles we all run in to and if you do the things on this list, you should avoid most of the problems and make your photographer want to work with you again.



Prep is everything for a shoot. If the photographer is putting time in to finding a location, creating multiple lighting setups, finding a MUA/hair stylist, working with them on your look, the very least you can do is be prepared.

Depending on what you’re shooting, a day before the shoot you should:

1. Wax/shave/thread/remove hair – This means anywhere that will be on display, eyebrows, top lip, armpits, legs, back, even the “lady garden” if it’s going to be on show. Don’t ever think “Oh the photographer can photoshop that out” – if I’m working on 10 or even 100 photos and they all need your stubble photoshopping out, I’m not going to be a happy bunny. BUT, if you were prepared and sorted all that out the day before the shoot, I’m going to think you’re professional and WILL work with you again.

2. Nails – get your nails done! Even if you’re just putting on fakes. They don’t have to be talons or crazy elaborate things. Just slap some paint on and make sure they’re even. No chipped nail varnish please.

3. Hair – Unless specified, make sure your hair is washed and clean, ready to be styled. No, dry shampoo is not a substitute for clean hair.

4. Don’t go out the night before – Yes you may think you’re Kate Moss, living life in the fast lane, but in reality you’re probably not and coming to a shoot stinking of booze with bags under your eyes will not get you a call back for the next shoot.

5. Skin care – we all have break outs from time to time, but don’t spend the night before squeezing your face so you show up looking like Freddie Kruger. That’s not cool. Leave it, the MUA will have ways to conceal and cover up any spots or blemishes on the day. If it really is a nightmare, contact the photographer beforehand so they can speak to the MUA and see if there is a way around it. YES, they can probably photoshop it out!

6. Fake tan – Everyone likes to look tanned, a healthy glow if you will, but orange smear marks all over your body are not cool. Get a professional spray tan a few days before so it has time to not be so Oompa Loompa orange that’ll be great! Also fake tan in between your fingers, behind your knees and on your elbows goes really dark! Avoid this!


On the day of the shoot

1. Be on time – Seriously, do I need to explain this? Show up where and when you’re supposed to. If there are problems, let the photographer know as soon as possible. If you can’t be bothered to get out of bed, great, I don’t care, just let the photographer know so he can get a more reliable model to take your place. Any shoots you cancel on last minute, what ever the reason, make you look unprofessional and photographers just won’t work with you again. If you respect their work, get there on time!

2. Wear loose fitting clothing – If you’re shooting anything where you’ll be displaying skin, don’t wear a bra 2 sizes too small that’s going to leave huge red marks across your body. This is more work for the photographer to remove. Also, skinny jeans, very bad idea. A long red seam running down both your legs is not a good look when shooting lingerie. Wear something loose a pair of sweat pants and a hoody top is more than enough to cover you without leaving awful marks all over your body.

3. Take a strapless bra and seamless pants – What ever you’re shooting you should always take a pair of seamless pants with you, so you can wear them under other clothing; your normal bright Bridget Jones polka dot pants will show through under studio lighting.

They’re not going to win you any sexy undies prizes, but they will make your photographer book you again!

4. Have fun – We’re very privileged to have a great fun job. Enjoy it, be professional and you’ll go far!

Baby bump pregnancy photography with Victoria Rose burlesque model

One of my fave shoots of 2012, right at the end of the year! Taking photos of the lovely Victoria Rose‘s baby bump!

I think I might try more of this pregnancy photography! If you have a baby bump, get in touch.

A preview of the new Amber Price magazine coming soon!

Check out this preview of the new Amber Price glamour magazine featuring beautiful lingerie from Tallulah Love Lingerie!

Amber Price’s naughty glamour and lingerie magazine is available now: Download Amber’s Magazine and ebook here!

Moxie Evans and Emma Taylor Corsets Horror

I was given a beautiful little red riding hood inspired corset by the wonderful Emma Taylor Corsets to shoot as the person she’d made it for had let her down.

I love these shots of Moxie Evans! I shot with a medium softbox to give a soft, film like, Scream Queen feel to the images!

la bordello boheme burlesque show

La Bordello Boheme Burlesque

I started out taking photos at burlesque shows as a new photographer. The difficult conditions of fast motion and low light are always challenging, but it was a great way to learn photography.

It’s quite a while since I was at, or took photos of any burlesque show, but I was more than happy to return when La Bordello Boheme were in Newcastle for a special show.

It was such a pleasure shooting in a professionally ran, well lit venue, rather than a bar in the middle of nowhere with poor no lighting, or even a stage.

The Newcastle leg of the show featured the lovely Miss Carrie-Ann – a Dita Von Teese homage act, Veronica Blacklace, Billie Rae, Edd Muir, Chi Chi Revolver and the fantastic Mr Mistress.

Enjoy the huge gallery below!

About La Bordello Boheme

La Bordello Boheme, a show filled with Burlesque, Circus, Cabaret, Variety and Vaudeville; Take you on a joy ride of sensual entertainment, a carousel of wonderment and excitement

Veronica Blacklace fills your ears with sultry vocals as you feast your eyes on death defying feats and are then warmed up with a bit of red hot burlesque.

Created and curated by Billie Rae and Veronica Blacklace with a host of fabulous guest performers. La Bordello Bohème have graced the stages of the world with their sell out shows from London to Edinburgh and even New York.

Aleshia Jane Kaori’s Latex Dreams

Aleshia Jane Kaori's latex dreams

Aleshia Jane Shiny Latex outdoor photography

A series of latex outfits designed by Kaori’s latex dreams modelled by Aleshia Jane, alternative model. These photos were shot in Newcastle. If you’d like to start modelling please book a shoot with photographer in the north east. Prices available on my hire page. Click here to visit the hire photographer page.

Kaori’s latex dreams create Latex clothing from simple to extravagant, hand made in the UK. Let your imagination run wild…. 日本語もOKです。

Download Aleshia Janes magazine here:


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