Tari SG tari_sweetheart alternative model magazine

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OMG it’s Tari_sweetheart AKA Tari SG

What an absolute beauty tari sweetheart is! I LOVE these photos we shot together and I know you will too!

Welcome to my first shoot with the lovely Tari instagram and onlyfans model. This was only her third shoot and hot damn is she awesome!

We shot these on a snowy day in January, so stayed indoors, but then the sun came down on us and produced some of my favourite bathroom images I’ve ever shot!

There are 5 sets in this magazine, including:

  • Calvin Klein underwear set
  • Classy lingerie
  • Topless
  • Super sexy Malice bra harness
  • Sofa set

All the photos inside the magazine are fully uncensored and in HD.

Here’s a preview of what is inside the magazine:

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If you’d like to see a new shoot with us, send your shoot ideas or themes via DM on instagram to either Tari or myself at:
@markpphotos or @tari.sg


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